little miss sunshine

December 6, 2006

just a note to celebrate the sun that is shining here today in Vancouver. I really can’t believe it. I have gotten so used to the rain that seeing sunlight creep through the blinds in our living room is kind of shocking to my system. I’ve had a hard time adjusting to this rainy weather, but I hold out hope that the summer sun will make it all worth it.

examples that i have heard are indeed weather related:

I was never one to push the snooze button in college, even if I only was getting 3 hours of sleep and i kind of prided myself on this fact. But here it takes me about 30 minutes to get out of bed because it is SO dark here in the mornings and, as much as i hate to admit it, but in this battle to wake up i have been known to push the snooze button at least 2 or three times daily. ugh.

I am also struggling with laziness and its harder for me to feel motivated to work out, especially when the sun sets at 4:15 p.m. and the couch looks much more inviting than a 13 minute walk to the gym in the dark, wet, cold Vancouver afternoon/night.

Apparently, this struggle is normal for Northwest transplants. I hope it goes away soon.

on another note: don’t try cutting your own hair. really. it never turns out the way you envision it in your head and then you have to face the embarrassment of showing your hair-stylist what you’ve done. really. stay away from the scissors.


4 Responses to “little miss sunshine”

  1. Toria Says:

    Oh Lace…you make me laugh! Love you bunches. 🙂

  2. shaunna Says:

    What did you do to your hair???!!!

  3. Lacey Says:

    remember i am growing it out right? well, now that i can (barely) put it in a ponytail i thought i could try some shorter layers in the front to just do something kind of funky, like a girl i know here… and basically that didn’t happen. its not terrible, but i need it blended. im going to get it fixed on friday. i’ve done stuff like this before, but this time i was a little too daring.

  4. Matt Says:

    What you on aout the sunshine Lace. Theres be quite a bit of it lately. You just need to get out and walk like I have been doing. Good workout that doesn’t cost anything either.

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