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culinary disasters, take one

August 9, 2009

some lessons i’ve learned in the last few days:

too much onion [i blame it on having a new knife that makes me a bit overly zealous in the chopping arena] makes for very sweet guacamole. now, i am pretty open minded but sweet, green mush is one thing i couldn’t even pretend to like. lacey: 0, trash can: 1


parchment paper is great for baking. you don’t have to use oil to coat your baking sheets or pans. naturally, i assumed that in order to cut out unnecessary fat from my falafel tonight, i could just line my baking sheet with parchment paper. Brilliant! Right? Wrong. in a matter of moments i knew something was on fire in the oven. luckily my falafel was okay, but the paper was burnt to a crisp. literally.

even still, my kitchen conquests continue.

August 9, 2009

I believe that if you are going to eat animals, you should be willing to admit that they are animals, and to look that fact in the wild green eyes. Taking an animal’s meat off the bone, removing its skin, packing it in Styrofoam, and blanketing it with sauce after it has been cooked doesn’t mean said animal was not a live, thinking, breathing, loving animal before he was your dinner.

//Carolynn Carreno

[sweet] disposition

August 3, 2009

Hello friends. [I assume there are still a few people who lurk here occasionally!]

I’ve found myself in a season that can only be described as transitional. I don’t know what I am transitioning to just yet, but its been a very exciting and also frustrating time. School isn’t looking to pan out just yet, and after a few days of deep disappointment I am alright with this. I have decided to pursue some internships [even unpaid] and am taking my time filling out applications. Not many have come along that I am excited about, but I am starting the process of looking. No one has to even guess the cities I am looking at which could pose some issues financially, but I think I am okay with taking a few risky chances come January.

Of course, no one knows just what could happen and I don’t hold my fingers too tightly over all my random ideas. Yet. 🙂

Meanwhile when things were getting super stressful I decided [in typical fashion] to book a trip. Some good friends of mine in NYC moved to Queens recently and extended an invitation to come visit their new home. Timing has it that Taylor is off work this month and so after some coordination we worked out a visit later this month. I haven’t taken much time off in a while and I am soooo ready.

Interesting to think that my trip to NYC is occurring almost a year to the day i was there for some post-heartbreak therapy. This time, while still therapeutic in nature, it will not be the same type of visit and I am happy about that. I am compiling a list of everything I hope to do, including a visit to a few vegan bakeries and eateries, running in Central Park, Gimme Coffee, and going back to Brooklyn’s thrift stores.

My coffee is getting cold so thats it for now. Cross your fingers for me as I navigate the upcoming months!