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EHR conference

May 28, 2008

one of my favorite professors in college [who has since moved on to teach at mercer university in atlanta] is going to be heading up a conference in atlanta this fall. with stassen and sider participating, i am pretty sure i will be registering this week to attend.

dr. gushee was given the chance to ask obama a question at a recent forum and i’ve included the video. he played a huge role in impacting my thoughts on the value of all human life. i enjoyed many talks in his office and getting to go to movie night at his home. i also loved the fact that he called me laceybeth [my middle name is elizabeth]just because. i totally regret not taking more of his classes when i was a student.


May 25, 2008

its early [7:30 a.m.]. i close at WF tonight [only 3 more shifts after this, did i tell everyone i got a new job? oops.] and sundays are usually my least favorite days to be there, if i’m honest.

i got up early and am about to throw on a hoodie and go to fido where i can sit with coffee and a vegan muffin [hardly anyone in town has any and their muffins are amazing] and do some planning. i am doing a 5k in 3 weeks and need to come up with a creative way to raise money by then. afterwards, i am off to target to grab a few things [did i mention i’ve already been there 3 times this weekend?]

i am excited to enjoy the few hours i have to myself today. what is everyone else up to? 🙂


May 22, 2008

is not a part of the kingdom. ever.

and seeing pictures of it happening in its various forms really disturbs me and viewing it even in that medium seems inhumane. the people who think torture is a solution should be forced to view image after image of what it entails for hours on end and then tell me what they think. tell me if they think its a part of any movement of God.

now i get to go to work, bagging groceries for people who never have to worry about a tire being chained to their neck and then set on fire.

i will write more later.


May 20, 2008

regardless of your political leanings, this picture taken at a portland, oregon rally is amazing.

so [un]lady-like

May 18, 2008

there are at least twothings i know of that make my inner-monster come out. and they both have one thing in common; my car.

i hate getting lost and any car problem, big or small. i think its because i really don’t pick up on any potential problems and little noises don’t bother me because i reason that if something was really wrong, i’d at least see smoke or the car wouldn’t start.

for example:

the first week i ever owned a car i ran over a piece of furniture on the interstate 20 miles from home. i heard a really loud explosion under my car, but kept on going. in reality i had blown out a tire and was completely oblivious. needless to say my parents thought i was out of my mind when i got home and explained myself. i somehow reasoned that because my car kept moving nothing bad must have happened. 20 miles on a blown out tire… nice.

one time when i lived in little rock i drove for over 2 hours looking for the house i was staying at, all within about a 5 to 10 mile radius. it was late and i was too stubborn to call my host family. i literally burned half a tank of gas looking for that house.

and then, today.

i tend to run my car until the gas light comes on. my dad taught me to fill my tank up at the halfway point, but i think this is lame and never really followed his advice. however, i’ve gotten to where i let my gas light remain on as long as i think possible before filling up. today my s-60 decided i was the lame one. i got in my car and it wouldn’t start. i quickly realized i had run out of gas for the first time ever. awesome.

i was immediately angry at the situation. see, i like to put on this feminist facade but in reality, i think guys should know how to fix any car problem and i shouldn’t be bothered to ever change a tire or the oil or do anything remotely related. so i stomped my way to the gas station down the street to buy a gas can and gas. the instructions on the gas can read like a foreign language to me so i grabbed the nearest guy [because they know everything about cars, right?] and had him help me put it together. i specifically asked if i had to fill it up and he said i didn’t.

i walked home [it was raining at this point] and as i poured the gas into the tank i realized the guy hadn’t screwed the cap on very well and i’d venture to guess 1/3 of the gas ended up on me instead of in my car. whatever, i was just happy to finally be on my way.

not only was i now highly flammable, but my car still wouldn’t start.

safe to say i was livid at this point and cursed my car profusely. i mean, if i didn’t have to fill the can up, why the heck wasn’t half a gallon enough? my friend staying with me this week was able to witness the tantrum, helpless because her car wasn’t there. with my arms folded, i stubbornly refused to walk back to the gas station. [i’m so mature, i know.] luckily she was getting picked up and i got a ride to and from the gas station. this time when i filled it up i put the cap on correctly somehow and after the 90 minute ordeal i finally was able to leave my apartment.

to round the weekend out, i was peed on when babysitting and also sat in melted chocolate. basically i should be avoided until whatever this is blows over.

i am so glad i can laugh at myself. 🙂

you’ll sit alone forever [if you wait for the right time]

May 13, 2008

being 24 is amazing, i’ve decided.

i look at my life and realize that i can honestly do anything. i am held back by nothing [except for a lease that isn’t up until 12/31] and it is SO freeing i can’t believe i am just realizing it. i am continuing to learn so much about myself and i feel so much more confident in who i am becoming than ever before. i don’t need much. i do need people in my life who challenge and motivate me. and these friendships are rare and so, so valuable to me.

i feel like i am finally beginning to take chances and dare to screw it up. i also feel like i am turning off the bullshit button that keeps me settling for things. even if people think i am wrong, i want to be known as someone who at least asked the questions and chased the answers without settling for safe mediocrocy that seems to keep people from ever figuring it out for themselves. life is too amazing of a gift to just let it happen to me. i want to be a part of it happening. ah. i don’t even know if this is making sense.

tonight i am feeling more alive than i have in a long time. and this is what it is all about.


May 4, 2008

i’m not a machine.
i refuse to believe it.
the end is coming. or more simply: hope instead of fear.