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gypsy girl, do your best or you won’t know until you try, or

September 19, 2009

overthinking can sometimes severely impair our judgment, and convince us to choose something we don’t even like.


Divine presence, and the faith, hope, and love that accompany it, are a gift—you cannot control it—but nevertheless a gift that can and should be asked for. Asking for something from God does not mean talking God into it; it means an awakening of the gift within ourselves. You only ask for something you have already begun to taste! The gift has already been given.


Can rationalizing keep us from a life we’d rather have?

good to sea [see]

September 6, 2009

this time a year ago it was basically coming undone. i was holding on tightly, of course. with loyalty as my defense, i recall saying love is like this. its for choosing and for chiseling. grasping at whatever rational language i could find for irrational arguments, i thought i had made a good case for us.

we spent labor day with my family. picking out beer to impress my dad. obliging my mom and her new camera.
at the end of the night when looking for an invitation inside for some time to decompress a day in the country, he said work was waiting. it felt like Something else, but i buried it for the sake of my sanity.

the next day was naturally spent worrying over that Something. [its funny how you can inherently feel This Thing]. when it was spoken to me over a phone [a phone?] my ability to engage in diplomacy ceased and i insisted on meeting. what i encountered was nothing like Summer. the chemistry was much cooler and literally felt like death. and i couldn’t argue with That.

no one fits together like puzzle pieces, i said.
he told me i was wrong.

and this is where it [should have] ended.

i am leaving to make a story

September 3, 2009

When I decided
To live the rest of my life from a list
Of towns and cities and populations
My home was silent
My town was hidden somewhere in the dark
And a spark ignited my imagination