culinary disasters, take one

August 9, 2009

some lessons i’ve learned in the last few days:

too much onion [i blame it on having a new knife that makes me a bit overly zealous in the chopping arena] makes for very sweet guacamole. now, i am pretty open minded but sweet, green mush is one thing i couldn’t even pretend to like. lacey: 0, trash can: 1


parchment paper is great for baking. you don’t have to use oil to coat your baking sheets or pans. naturally, i assumed that in order to cut out unnecessary fat from my falafel tonight, i could just line my baking sheet with parchment paper. Brilliant! Right? Wrong. in a matter of moments i knew something was on fire in the oven. luckily my falafel was okay, but the paper was burnt to a crisp. literally.

even still, my kitchen conquests continue.


One Response to “culinary disasters, take one”

  1. alice Says:

    KEEP IT UP!!!
    You can do it Lacey!

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