look[ed] like the real thing. all the time/all the time.

May 29, 2009

i didn’t realize the significant of the date until i actually came to my blog and considered what to say.

4 months is a long while. not long enough that i do not have the occasional emotional jolt. but long enough to not remember the details like breathing. not long enough to not still experience that occasional moment of morbid curiosity. but long enough that i’ve learned who will give me the dose of Reality needed to let those moments pass [there are different who’s, that is for sure].


there are a lot of hurting people, as a friend and i discussed this week. i want to become more intuned to those around me who need what i needed so often in the last several months. i really want to be a better friend. a better listener. better at loving.

and i have a feeling i will always want to be better. will always need to be better.


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