thoughts on grocery shopping

May 28, 2009

its so strange to think back to the times when i bought groceries or ate food without a thought of any kind as to what was in it or where it came from. the challenge of becoming vegetarian turned into an entirely new lifestyle and one i completely enjoy… many of my friends are always curious about what i eat, so i thought i’d share what grocery shopping is like for me.

i generally go to whole foods. i am aware that not everyone believes they can afford to shop at whole foods, but i believe its possible. it may be because i am only shopping for myself, but i am able to make 2-3 meals out of whatever i cook. so, it goes a long way and i cut back on eating out, which is another bonus. i occasionally go to trader joes or kroger, but usually this is only for certain things that i know are cheaper or if i am being a little lazy about driving.

i almost always go with 2 recipes in mind that i want to eat for the week. tonight i wanted to make zucchini and black bean tacos and then also try sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with guacamole as well in the next couple of days. i got what i needed and then moved on to more of my staples: tempeh [for quick stir fry or to possibly add to either recipe], a little granola for my [soy] yogurts, some fruit, sprouted grain english muffins and pita pockets, hummus, no salt peanut butter that i grind at the store, a few dried fruit and nut bars, and some “treats” like a kombucha, salsa and blue corn chips and also some vegan chocolate chips for baking [and the occasional by-the-handful treat].

grocery shopping is kind of therapeutic for me. it gets my mind off of things and i could walk around for hours. i think i could actually go on a date to whole foods [is that weird? probably a little.]

i am approaching the two year mark and honestly, i don’t think i will ever eat meat again. here are a few things that i’ve realized i get super weird about now:

if i am at a cook-out, i request my own tiny space on the grill for whatever i brought. i just don’t like the idea of my veggie burger or vegetables being cooked on top of where a burger laid. and the spatula… i totally make sure cross-contamination is avoided šŸ™‚

i get anxiety when the possibility of cooking meat crosses my mind. i decided i wanted to cook a recipe with meat in it for someone i dated. as silly as it may sound, i thought it was a way for me to show love in a sacrificial way and while it was something i assumed i would never do again, i totally considered it. he didn’t understand the underlying reasons as to why i offered and brushed off the idea, so i never did it. [and, well, let’s just say i am thankful for that.]

if i have kids, i really don’t want them to eat meat [going back to the whole anxiety thing]. i know it won’t entirely be up to me and i also would never force it if they were not happy.

so, anyway, i got asked a few questions about my eating habits while visiting family and thought i’d put this out there!

and, a teeny little vent: i don’t know why anyone thinks if there is meat in something, i should just “pick around it.” there, i said it.


3 Responses to “thoughts on grocery shopping”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Lace, I totally understand your enjoyment in grocery shopping. I, too, could walk around in a Whole Foods or Sunflower Market (think Whole Foods on a smaller level and only in the West). As Grant and I have been making steps towards being veggie/vegan we’ve so enjoyed trying alternative foods, trying out new and tasty recipes, and seeing the great results in our health (i.e., losing almost ten lbs. a piece). So thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

  2. patty Says:

    Oh, Kombucha…Whole Foods…guacamole…blue corn chips…delicious salsa..

    FYI, when I come home, we are having a feast šŸ™‚

    and…I’ll go on a grocery date with you!

  3. Hello Veggie Says:

    Don’t pick around the meat! You’re so right.

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