put down your sword/lay with [M]e on the grass

May 14, 2009

Where are you finding sacredness?

The genius of the biblical revelation is that we will come to God through what I’m going to call “the actual,” the here and now, or quite simply what is.

The Bible moves us from sacred place (why the temple had to go) or sacred action (why the Law had to be relativized) or mental belief systems (why Jesus has no prerequisites in this regard) to time itself as sacred time.

“I am with you always, yes, to the very end of time” is the last verse of Matthew’s Gospel.


How have ordinary moments transformed me?

As Eckhart Tolle points out in The Power of Now, we don’t have to be in a certain place or even a perfect person to experience the fullness of God. God is always given, incarnate in every moment and present to those of us who know how to be present ourselves.

Strangely enough, it is often imperfect people and people in quite secular settings who encounter “The Presence” (Parousia, “fullness”). That pattern is rather clear in the whole Bible.

Let’s state it clearly: One great idea of the biblical revelation is that God is manifest in the ordinary, in the actual, in the daily, in the now, in the concrete incarnations of life, and not through purity codes and moral achievement contests, which are seldom achieved anyway


How do we live in the moment?

Let us be present to the now.
It’s all we have and it’s where God will always speak to us.
The now holds everything, rejects nothing and,
therefore, can receive God, too.
Help us be present to the place we’re most afraid of,
because it always feels empty, it always feels boring,
it always feels like it’s not enough.

Help us find some space within that we don’t try to fill
with ideas or opinions.
Help us to create inner space,
because you always show yourself best where we are
hungry and empty.
Keep us out of the way,
so there is always room enough for you.


//Richard Rohr


2 Responses to “put down your sword/lay with [M]e on the grass”

  1. marisbush Says:

    Wow Lace. That is beautiful.

  2. laceyhearty Says:

    Richard Rohr’s writing is beautiful. He is one of the most profound authors I’ve read.

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