May 8, 2009

when its quiet at work, i usually try to sneak in a few practice attempts at perfecting a rosetta.
we have a little event coming up in nashville which my co-workers and i will be participating in, and if any one knows me at all, i am ridiculously hard on myself and slightly competitive. honestly, i don’t want to win, i just want to actually make something that looks good.

i found this video tonight that made me laugh out loud. i thought i was the only one who cussed my [failed] attempts.


2 Responses to “f#$k!”

  1. Ha. That was…terrible. But I know the struggle, Austin and my friend Justin are struggling for the perfect designs. I watch then and hear their cussing, too.

  2. Victor Says:


    i have to make drinks at my bookstore sometimes; i definitely don’t make them that pretty, but i definitely do use that language when i mess up!

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