food, inc.

May 7, 2009

most people who know me know the food industry is something i have strong opinions regarding. i increasingly desire to become vegan, but its been hard to commit as i am equally concerned with being as low-maintenance as possible in social situations. [however, i think its inevitably going to happen the better i get at cooking and baking with non-dairy ingredients.]

anyway, seeing just the trailer for this new film ignited those convictions once again. for those of you interested in ways to experiment with changing the food culture in America, check this list out and try to see the movie if it comes your way. its a great list to experiment with, for sure, if you’ve not given this topic much thought or don’t really know where to begin in changing your lifestyle.

i am not necessarily promoting being meat/dairy-free, but just want people to be aware of what their choices actually mean for themselves, their families, the general public, the animals, the farmers, the food scientists, and the over-all direction our country is headed regarding food [or, shall i say, “food”.]


2 Responses to “food, inc.”

  1. yo Says:

    ‘Omnivores Dilemma’s’ author walks through his processing of every aspect of the vege choice without bias. It’s one of the last few chapters of the book.

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