sample ballot lessons

November 2, 2008

so, i got something called a sample ballot in the mail a few weeks ago. i’ve never seen one before, and to be honest, i really didn’t get why i was sent one. i mean, i know who is running for president. don’t i just hit a button on the screen and call it a day? am i too stupid to know how to push a button?

i threw it away.

this weekend i realized why its important to NOT do that. it gives you the heads up on the other issues on the ballot, like voting for senators and state representatives. you know, those OTHER names you’ve seen on signs around town. oops. i really don’t know much about the possible senators or those running for the house of representatives in the Nashville district [#5]. i don’t think i should just leave those things blank out of ignorance, so for anyone else who wants to do a little research before tuesday here are some links to get you started:

the nashville sample ballot

lamar alexander and bob tuke on issues

On the Issues is a great place to check out voting records of many of the candidates listed.

Project Vote Smart is another source as well.

go vote. and remember, come to Crema on tuesday with your voting sticker for a free coffee. i don’t work that day but i will definitely be heading there after voting at the crack of dawn. the green machine is also giving away free coffee all across the nation on Election Day for voters. i actually think their commercial about it is really cool, but i already feel bad for the baristas. those stores are going to be ridiculous on tuesday.


since i am in the linking mood, here are a couple blogs i read regularly that will naturally show my barack-the-vote leanings. they are fun and informative.

Margaret and Helen [read this one]
Andrew Sullivan


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