hello 37206

October 30, 2008

i am moving in a month to the most ethnocentric part of nashville the east side of town and am so, so ready for a change.

the apartment fell into my lap and with some things seeming a bit grim recently, it was so nice to hear this was going to work out. hardwood floors. high ceilings. a teeny tiny living room that my couch will still fit in somehow. a kitchen that i can’t wait to put a cafe table into. mark my words: it will be kept clean and it will be decorated. i gave up a long time ago on This Place. i feel really good about the move.

in other news… if you are around town and want to see some amazing halloween costumes, come to crema in the morning. ๐Ÿ™‚


One Response to “hello 37206”

  1. gingerswann Says:

    gotta admit: just a bit jealous.

    if i were in nashville, that’s where i’d wanna be.

    got room for me to come visit and hang at christmas? ๐Ÿ™‚ pretty sure i’m gonna need a reprieve from the fam…

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