can’t. take. it. anymore.

October 29, 2008

this post is more of a stream of consciousness so i apologize if my grammar is off.

i spent the day with a lot of people passionate about changing the food landscape across the city of nashville. i realized how much work it takes to effect change and it made me appreciate the work of community organizers and agencies all the more.

i also realized the biggest chasm i see between people today. where personal responsibility should be exercised and where changes must occur at a macro level in order to effect behavioral and cultural shifts at the micro level.

i get so, so tired of being pegged a socialist for believing there is something right about sharing resources. any one who gives money or goods away knows there is something freeing, something amazing, about letting go of “stuff.” if they are honest, they also know there is something difficult about it as well. its a beautiful process, really.

and you know what else? its not a concept invented by Karl Marx. Its something that you can even read about in the Old Testament when God’s people were told to leave behind what they couldn’t gather in the field for those who were in need [the foreigner [ahem]. the fatherless. the widow.] It doesn’t say anything about leaving it for those who deserve it or not. Or those who had at least looked for work so they could afford food or not. or those who had at least crossed the boarders legally. It just says leave it.

and it is literally baffling to me how so many “christians” can spew so much slander and hatred towards people who care about living this out.


4 Responses to “can’t. take. it. anymore.”

  1. Chelsey Says:

    Beautiful. I may be quoting you in the coming days šŸ™‚

  2. gingerswann Says:

    i simply love you. i love the words that freely speak the passion of your heart.

    you word it so much better than i.

  3. rick Says:

    Totally get it, and live it personally.

    At present my resource sharing radar is always on looking for opportunities because I’m in control of my resources. Me and the recipient interact which affects both of us in many incredible ways encouraging me to give more.

    If the government takes resources I’m already giving through increased taxes I won’t need to look for opportunities to share my resources because I won’t have them to share. If the government takes money I’m already sharing away in taxes the interaction I have with the recipient that encourages me to give more won’t be there.

    I’m all for sharing resources and encouraging others to do the same but ‘for me’ involving the government (not the most effective/efficient), as the middle man I give money to who then decides who that money should go to, isn’t the answer.

    Love your passion, and I too hate the hate mongering.

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