and then there were 2

October 19, 2008

today i sat through another 90 minutes of torture/fun getting more added to my tattoo. it’s shaded now. there is another bird. more filigree. 4 daisies. and basically i have a sleeve started… it just kind of happened.

[isn’t that usually how life works?]

if you want to see pics, just let me know. i feel silly posting more on my site but will gladly share via e-mail now that i have photobooth 🙂

it was a long night and i enjoyed some nice malbec with friends in east nashville post-tattooing, so coming home and checking it out post band-aid removal was interesting. i am a little nervous i will wake up and say something along the lines of “WTF” was i thinking, but then again its like it was meant to be there. the flowers will probably be colored in eventually, though i honestly never expected to add any.

i wanted another hummingbird because i think the number two is sacred. it means a lot to me right now and for the future. i also realized how much the filigree design i went for resembles the story of life. things weaving in and out, no predictable pattern, yet working together to make something beautiful. it isn’t that i needed some deep meaning to go through with it. it was just something that struck me today.

every time it hurt i had something to center it on. anger is something i daily struggle with channeling in a redemptive way. i am still learning to embrace healing over recent circumstances and it felt really good to prove to myself i could do this.

its 2 am. i can hardly sleep in any more, but i should try. tomorrow is another full day somehow.


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