September 29, 2008

shane claiborne has a southern accent. i did not remember he was from tennessee.

he said many great things tonight. he is a very challenging person, in word and in action. i felt a sense of sadness, if i am honest, at the lack of love and passion in my life as i listened to him. i’ve become very hardened to so much and its something i don’t completely understand but it was good to evaluate myself in light of things he talked about.

he showed videos and pictures of people from all over the country who have done radical things to embody love. one guy went to uganda with the money he won on of all things, The Price Is Right. he took over $50K with him to give away and spent months living at an orphanage.

every time i see those beautiful babies in orphanages i feel this twinge in my heart. of course i can’t have any children right now, but it makes me anticipate the day when i can offer myself to a child in that way. i want to be what shane talked about in my present circumstances; love with flesh on it. love that is imaginative and creative. love that doesn’t have to be showy or recognized.

love is not easy. it has to overcome a lot. it involves great risk and dealing with a lot of fears. but it can be simple. it can be small. it can be amazing. it can change peoples lives. it can be done. and, like the sticker on my car says, it does ultimately win.

i am just quick to forget.


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