September 8, 2008

driving back from alabama yesterday i found myself thinking of big yellow jump suits. maybe white ones. i can’t remember. either way, i mean the kind that are worn when white powder falls out of an envelope onto someone’s desk or a mad cow is discovered in some field in the U.K. you are safe. you can get as close as you want to danger. you can get up close to whatever it is that could potentially harm you because you are confidently aware of the boundaries in place. you are [hopefully] protected from any outside force that could penetrate. without the suit, well, all bets are off. you are exposed. you may get infected.

its like a hunter with a gun. if he is confident enough of his ability, he can protect himself [God-forbid] from any personal danger and use his weapon to “get the job done.” take his gun away… and it may be a different story out in the field.

obviously the CDC and hunters have the right to use suits and guns. but when you are dealing with people- beings with emotion and intellect and not a source of contamination and/or your next meal you don’t approach them with latex gloves on or with a shotgun over your shoulder. its just not how people are to be handled. but we do it. we have our own weapons and walls we construct at any given moment we feel threatened. and then we either only get close enough that we can’t get dirty, or we shoot if we feel threatened.

i am probably only making sense to myself, and thats okay. its just some of what i’ve been processing over the last few days.


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