money quote

July 10, 2008

“The only evangelicals that [obama’s] going to win over are those who have never read the Bible,”



4 Responses to “money quote”

  1. Isaac Bubna Says:

    I don’t agree with that, but I’m more of a post-evangelical anyways. So I don’t know… don’t want to speak for evangelicals, but sometimes I don’t think many of them read the Bible regardless of who they are voting for.

  2. jeffrey Says:

    LMAO on many levels

  3. to me it sounds like a silly statement that can’t really be backed up; i know quite a few intelligent christians who are voting for obama. i would be interested in hearing a christian’s argument for voting for a pro-babykilling candidate (the term ‘pro-choice’ softens the issue a bit. let’s just call it what it is). although obama has said “it’s a tough issue,” his policy would still be to uphold a woman’s right to choose death.

    i’m guessing it comes down to wanting to give people who have already been fortunate enough to have ‘pro-life’ mothers the opportunity for a better life? i really want to understand this viewpoint because, like i said, i know of a few intelligent christians who are voting for obama; i’m just really having a difficult time reconciling these things.

  4. amoslanka Says:

    thats a pretty bold statement that assumes a lot of things about people. as if “evangelical” applies only to someone from the midwest or some other similar generalization.

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