christian humanism

June 24, 2008
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The test of one’s religion is whether it humanizes, whether it anchors us into this world instead of releasing us from this world.
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from Scot McKnight, summarizing de Gruchy’s thoughts on Christian Humanism…

i personally like the sound of this. so many people who claim Christianity seem afraid to me. But the irony is, the people who want you to live separate from culture are the same ones who protest when you start to care for the earth, when you decide to adopt a baby that has a different ethnicity than yourself. when you are okay with sharing your money with other people. when you speak of peace and love instead of war and torture. when you opt out of sunday morning activities in favor of friday nights over drinks with friends who know your journey in ways no “community group” could… when you actually do try to live differently from the world by trying your hardest to love the world because you believe that’s what God had in mind.

this is what being anchored to the world looks like to me. this is a version of Christianity that makes sense to me.


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  1. Nice blog for serious thoughts. Thanks.

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