[insert here]

June 19, 2008

sorry for the lack of updates.

not that there isn’t much to update on. [there is] there just has not been much time i’ve felt like devoting to such a thing. [that sounds bad] tonight i find myself alone at my apartment. [for the first time in many days] too tired to cook [there are no groceries] so i ordered a vegan pizza from mellow mushroom that i am about to go pick up. too tired to clean [all my clothes are on the floor] so i will save that for the weekend.

too tired. but i wouldn’t change any of it.


2 Responses to “[insert here]”

  1. andy Says:

    [i love the brackets]
    [they say so much]

    [mellow mushroom holds many memories
    and many good foods]

  2. patty Says:

    i’m so happy that you were finally able to have mellow mushroom vegan pizza… i’m sure you found it amazing 🙂

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