you’ll sit alone forever [if you wait for the right time]

May 13, 2008

being 24 is amazing, i’ve decided.

i look at my life and realize that i can honestly do anything. i am held back by nothing [except for a lease that isn’t up until 12/31] and it is SO freeing i can’t believe i am just realizing it. i am continuing to learn so much about myself and i feel so much more confident in who i am becoming than ever before. i don’t need much. i do need people in my life who challenge and motivate me. and these friendships are rare and so, so valuable to me.

i feel like i am finally beginning to take chances and dare to screw it up. i also feel like i am turning off the bullshit button that keeps me settling for things. even if people think i am wrong, i want to be known as someone who at least asked the questions and chased the answers without settling for safe mediocrocy that seems to keep people from ever figuring it out for themselves. life is too amazing of a gift to just let it happen to me. i want to be a part of it happening. ah. i don’t even know if this is making sense.

tonight i am feeling more alive than i have in a long time. and this is what it is all about.


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