slightly starstruck

April 23, 2008

its GMA week here in nashville so its a given that there will be some famous faces appearing around town. personally, i try to leave celebrities alone when i see them… fans are just really annoying some times. however, when a member of switchfoot came in to Crema today, i sort of inwardly freaked out.

i hope he didn’t think i was staring. [unfortunately, i was. just a little.]


2 Responses to “slightly starstruck”

  1. alice Says:

    seems like it’s the best time of year to see celebrities…
    Mel gruver saw Brad Pitt in Texas. I just watched a video of Dr. G talking with barak obama, And I saw Derek Jeter at the apple store in KC last week. Fun!

    Remember when we saw Travis from the Bachelor at the Frothy Monkey?

  2. Victor Says:

    jon foreman is the only switchfoot member i would recognize. i would probably be starstruck if i saw him. i wish famous people walked into my cafe (although i’ve heard john nash comes in sometimes. i thought he was dead!)

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