April 11, 2008

thanks, victor.

i am: always re-inventing myself.
i think: all the time.
i know: that i gave up on trying to know so much.
i want: to set some goals for the rest of this year [how i hate goals].
i have: developed a fear of dairy products.
i wish: for a transcendent experience.
i hate: miscommunication.
i miss: feeling understood. and understanding, in general.
i fear: that i will not figure it out.
i feel: worn out.
i hear: only the sound of my typing.
i smell: the bean soup i am eating.
i crave: carbs. always.
i search: google for all my inquisitions [more recently, vegan baking].
i wonder: why i am not good at deprivation.
i regret: not taking more ethics classes in college.
i love: trying to figure it out [fear and love don’t so much go together, i’ve been told].
i ache: in my stomache.
i care: to the point of being overwhelmed sometimes. i need to learn that i can’t do/be/fix it all.
i always: quadruple check my apartment before leaving for any appliances that may accidentally be on. 99.99% of the time nothing is on.
i am not: happy that i skipped out on the gym for most of the week.
i believe: turning 24 next week will not feel as weird as i’d imagined.
i dance: rarely. and not because i used to be southern baptist.
i sing: all the time in my car.
i cry: for all sorts of reasons.
i don’t always: wash my hair. i like it better the second [or third] day.
i fight: stubbornly, yet fairly. but rarely.
i write: when i am inspired.
i win: at bocce ball.
i lose: at board games and card games, alike.
i never: buy brand new books or cds, unless the sale price is cheaper than the used prices on amazon.com
i confuse: reality with fantasy on occasion.
i listen: to arrested development playing on my laptop while getting ready.
i can usually be found: not at home.
i am scared: of spiders and crickets.
i need: to figure out why i keep getting stomach aches.
i am happy about: today being my first consistent day of latte art [!] but not about the chunks of banana the 3 year old i am babysitting sneezed all over me at bed time. nope.

your turn.


2 Responses to “i…”

  1. Victor Says:

    these are so fun to read

  2. gingerswann Says:

    gosh, you’re great. [in person and in print.]

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