things i [don’t] love today

April 8, 2008

Coming home at midnight when i have to be at work at 6:30am.
Coming home at midnight to see 4 police cars with lights blazing in my neighborhood.
Coming home and knowing that my chain link doesn’t. really. work.

[Its a good thing I don’t get scared to be alone. at night. in my apartment. really. Hi mom, if you happen to be reading this. Don’t worry. You have a tough daughter who still sort of remembers some kickboxing moves that could come in handy… and I never was one to take a spanking like a good, respectable child. No. I fought [more like flailed at] you guys to the point you gave up even trying. I still think I have those moves, too.]


3 Responses to “things i [don’t] love today”

  1. Toria Says:

    I also recall that flailing around wasn’t your only move you used when avoiding a spanking. I don’t think your other move would work so well with intruders. 🙂

  2. Lacey Says:

    it may. you never know. it could really creep them out and send them running for the door in shock and horror… thus warding off any impending attack. 🙂

  3. gingerswann Says:

    or you could just give them the talking muffin scream… it seems to scare people pretty well.

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