good morning

March 30, 2008

i am hiding from the world before having to go to work later today. i am an extrovert but i really need to be alone from time to time. i’ve been a bit moodier and kind of just more off than usual so i am taking it as a cue to re-coop. i usually have been spending my sunday mornings in community with others, but after a mandatory work meeting at 7:30 am [!] i returned home and decided i needed to do something different today. here is how i will be spending the next few hours:

+new music [Annuals, Wild Sweet Orange]
+a podcast or two
+french press coffee
+breakfast [buckwheat pancakes with chocolate chips]
+ [maybe] finishing a book
+mindless browsing [i am the [apparently least common] pattern #5… and i’d agree with the summary of myself, though i hope i am known more for being assertive and less for being without tact as far as the brash thing goes.]

here i go.


2 Responses to “good morning”

  1. Toria Says:

    You know…Wild Sweet Orange is from Birmingham. Kyle was best friends with the lead singer when they were in high school.

  2. gingerswann Says:

    wild sweet orange opened for mat kearney when he was in dallas last time… they sucked. painfully. hopefully their album is better than their live show!

    hope you’re enjoying a little r & r!

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