how i spend my time [these days]

March 24, 2008

at fido. late on monday night.

a friend: what’s the PLU for cucumbers?
me: i hate cucumbers… 4079?
a friend: no. 4062.
me: damn it.

and repeat. but with other forms of produce. and other expletives. and other PLU’s i am supposed to have memorized for work tomorrow.

this week will be ridiculous. i accidentally got 40 hours instead of the 25 i signed up for at whole foods. but i am going to chicago in less than 2 weeks so after the initial shock wore off that i would have 55 hours between 2 jobs this week, i decided to do it and be happy for the extra money.

now, to fit some sleep and exercise into the schedule.

and study time, of course.

damn cucumbers.

and green cabbage, for that matter.


One Response to “how i spend my time [these days]”

  1. gingerswann Says:

    you can TOTALLY do it, lace. you’re a freakin rockstar. how was the first day?

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