falling in love at a coffee shop

March 6, 2008

I don’t know much, but what I do know is coffee. Or, maybe I should say what I am learning is coffee. Since beginning my journey at Crema, my preferences have continued to be refined and, well, my snobbery continues to grow.

I packed up my coffee pot a couple months ago and and replaced it with Bodum’s Kenya french press. I will never again use anything else. My measurements are finally consistent. The taste is far more enjoyable and I am able to tell the difference between the coffees I brew now. Coffee makers are never consistent and I don’t even want to think about how many pots I’ve wasted because, well, the coffee simply never tasted quite right. I’ve even converted a friend to the same belief system. [Hi Chels!]

I have grown to appreciate the more acidic [read: fruity/wild, bright] varieties, which are usually from Latin America and parts of Africa. These I prefer black. Drew makes an amazing single-origin Panama and I actually like his single-origin Kenya. [Sadly, Panama is not available online but I do consider it my favorite so far.]

I still love the earthy [read: heavy/full-bodied] stuff and Drew’s Thick French blend and Gravel Springs stand out to me as notable favorites. I don’t mind these black either, but I will occasionally add half&half and 1 raw sugar.

We brew a different pot each week, so I am sure my list of personal favorites will continue to expand.

My standard drink, if not coffee, is a double americano with a little room [too much water and the drink is watery and ruined]. Simply put, an Americano is espresso topped off with hot water. Anyone who loves coffee and espresso should try it. A little half&half and a raw sugar can cut down on the earthiness and I find it a good alternative to a latte. I like lattes, but sometimes find the milk to hide the taste of the espresso too much.

But, even if lattes are your thing, I think Drew’s espresso is so exceptional that even in a milk-based drink it stands out. It’s a more mild, lemony espresso and its the best i’ve had, compared to Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver and Caffe Ladro in Seattle. I sent a half pound of the Zappia Family Espresso to a scholar/blogger I enjoy and he gave it a very nice review on his blog last month. [!]

If you ever come by Crema, you should try something unique to our shop. It’s our Cuban Coffee which consists of a little sweetened-condensed milk, espresso, and steamed milk. Its a a lightly sweetened latte that seems to be a favorite and even people who say they don’t like coffee drinks end up getting hooked.

So…. all of that said, what do you guys like? Whose coffee do you constantly return to? How do you like your drinks? I’d love to know.

If you are more interested in how espresso drinks are made, check out who made the local news!


7 Responses to “falling in love at a coffee shop”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am not very picky when it comes to brands, and my favorite grocery store brand is Eight O’Clock coffee. For espresso, to me you just can’t beat Illy.
    And yes, I am the one you have converted to French press and French Press only…It is truly better, Oui, Oui!

  2. ginger Says:

    when i saw the title of this post, i totally thought you were writing a blog about landon pigg’s song. love it.

    i need coffee education. all of my friends are elites and i can’t keep up with the snobbery!

  3. Lacey Says:

    ginger, yes i stole his song title for my post. he actually came in crema last week. i didn’t know it was him until i saw his name on the receipt. 🙂

  4. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    Favored drinks from my past:

    Triple Dry Breve Espresso Machiatto


    Small (short) Black Eye

    And all of these in a For-Here cup, if available and time allows.

  5. BUSH Says:

    i have some coffee i brought back from ethiopia that we need to drink from the french press. i think you will like it. maris & you need to schedule sometime to try this out

  6. alice Says:

    Brazilian coffee from BishopBeard.com
    is my favorite brewed coffee these days. It’s nutty.
    My favorite drink these days is a double americano with some steamed non-fat milk on the top (lots of foam) and one raw sugar sprinkled on top.

    I only drink S-bucks espresso, because it’s all I got.
    I would love to come by your store sometime!

  7. Joshua Says:

    Mmmmm Ladro.

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