March 2, 2008

*my left wrist hurts something fierce right now. you see, i was officially moved to the bar for my shifts on Friday and Saturday… both shifts being equally busy. apparently tamping can have this sort effect on an arm not used to constantly exerting 30 lbs of pressure in an attempt to achieve the perfect espresso shot. i still have a lot to learn, my latte art can definitely not be called art yet… but i am having a blast there.

*i had what i believe to be the best beer i’ve ever tasted last night: the left hand brewery’s milk stout. being the lefty that i am, i can’t help but also like the name. seriously, everyone needs to try it.

*the job search continues. i’ve sent my application to a few places and can only hope to do the same again this week. its crazy, but i am feeling okay as i enter week 4 of the search. i’ve been without internet for a few days and was sort of avoiding looking at my bank account balance. rent is due tomorrow. utilities soon to follow. ugh. i braced myself for the worst tonight, but instead all i felt was relief, which is strange to even be feeling given the circumstances. gratitude is certainly owed to Someone other than myself. somehow i am making it. even with buying tires this week thanks to a lovely flat i acquired during tuesday’s snow “storm” i am staying afloat.

*today we took communion. i planned to leave early because i had to be at work for a post-church Q&A session. i had enough time to spare so i went forward and, upon kneeling, i crossed my chest. a pastor, seeing my request for prayer, bent down. instead of simply praying silently over me, he asked what i needed. all i could come up with was- “i don’t know” and so… that’s what i said. when he prayed for my heart to become tender, the tears fell. somehow, he knew.

*running again. finally. my foot seems to be back to normal after a month of mysterious pain. 4 miles wasn’t as hard as i anticipated, but i am thinking the 70 degree weather had a lot to do with my morale. 🙂 i am so ready for spring… and maybe a race in the not too distance future.

every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father…

even with so many uncertainties ahead, to not be overcome with worry is such a gift. today is a gift… and i am overcome with thankfulness for my health, money that is somehow not completely running out, words of affirmation from so many, and for a future hope that seems to be slowly making itself known in the present.


3 Responses to “relief”

  1. Somebody's Princess Says:

    Glad things are going well! And thanks for the Sat. morning coffee date. I always feel inspired by our conversations and as though I was understood. Hopefully I’ll make it by the shop again soon…you were right, the Americano left a lasting impression! [WAY better than The Bucks, man!] Stay positive and if you need anything, please call.

  2. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    when i was in third grade [as a curly-haired, chubby little fellow with a soprano’s voice] i sang a solo in a church musical that went

    every good and perfect present
    comes down, comes down
    from the Father of lights

    i just can’t help but hear the quaint little song every time James is cited.

  3. Hilary Says:

    You’re blogging again!! Yeahhhh! I shall now sit back and catch up. Miss you friend. 🙂

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