February 27, 2008

last night i came home late [what else is new?]. i live at coffee shops these [unemployed] days, it seems. but i love it.

as my roommate and i considered watching more of season 1, i realized it was getting colder inside our apartment. no surprise. for those who have visited, cold is nothing new. our bedrooms seem to stay warm upstairs but the downstairs is never affected by the thermostat. however, something seemed different this time. it read 66 and was set for 70, so i cranked it up to 73, just for kicks. it said 65 minutes later. then 64. we grabbed blankets and headed downstairs to continue more of season 1 and i hoped that it would somehow fix itself.

an hour later when we decided to call it a night, i ran up to see if the numbers had changed, because it sure felt like it hadn’t.


so, i bundled up even more than usual, putting on a hoodie and actually wearing the hood. somehow i fell asleep, hoping that 73 is how it would feel in my room when i woke up.

but no.

as soon as my alarm sounded i jumped up to go see what numbers would great me.


i cursed the system and called my landlord. in record time i got out of the apartment dressed and ready for the day [after telling my roommate the situation and giving her advanced notice that someone would be showing up to check the problem].

i know i am being whiny. but i won’t deny that being cold [unnecessarily so] makes me absolutely miserable.

* * * * *

i just received the phone call.

damn squirrels. chewing wires.

somehow that affects the heat [?]

when i go home later i will have my fingers crossed that he spoke truth.

and maybe, finally, we can plan our house-warming party.

[and it will actually be warm]


One Response to “55”

  1. alice Says:

    I love reading your blog.
    In response to your post below: I cry and wonder what is wrong with me. Is it the holy spirit or my period?
    Also, I love community. The church I’m going to here in Jackson is the only reason why I’m still here. I don’t know how I got myself into this either. The people here really do try to love one another and live like Jesus is looking down on them…and it freaks me out.
    I am so glad that you are starting to find community in Nashville. It is a gift from God. I really don’t think that you can orchestrate body life without a miracle.
    But, I have never tried, so I don’t know.
    Anyways. Just thought I’d say “hey” and I love reading your blog and I am comforted by your thoughts 🙂
    You rock Lacey!

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