February 23, 2008

another weekend night spent with little ones instead of friends

being told not to work out because of a slight fracture… 3 weeks and counting

resolving that this isn’t the year to run the half marathon

not reading a book since october

telling people i don’t have a full-time job

wondering constantly just what i was thinking when i went to college.

believing that there is more but still being uncertain of what it is

thinking that my posts are usually only interesting when i am quoting the thoughts of others… and wishing for some thoughts of my own.


4 Responses to “discontentishness”

  1. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    to the last part: wrong. i enjoyed even this, and not only because i can empathize with much of it.

    keep writing, even if it’s because you have to. that’s reason enough for me to read.

  2. Maris Says:

    I think I enjoy this one more than when you quote others. Isn’t the point to learn about you? This is the place you are in and your vulnerability is beautiful.

  3. Victor Says:

    I like the personal ones as well. I totally relate to this.

  4. ginger Says:

    i love that you are real… even when you have nothing to say.

    and i love being able to live life with you.

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