continued thoughts on not eating meat

February 12, 2008

i was in jackson for the past few days helping with tornado clean-up… needless to say i am exhausted in every way possible, yet i know there are more people who feel the burden of what happened way more than i do because they have been there non-stop since it happened, and will continue to be working in the weeks and months to come. i will write more later on this.

i had a broken cell phone and no real connection to anything outside of jackson until today. so, i find myself at panera grabbing a bagel and enjoying the temporary distraction from thoughts related to tornadoes and my current jobless state.

i was catching up on google reader and found out a theologian i read shares in my passion for being a non-meat eater.

i really was encouraged by how he articulated his conviction. a lot of it rings true for me, as the meat industry is something i greatly enjoy not supporting anymore for its inhumane practices. i really do think that caring for the earth and exercising dominion over it, as was the initial plan for human beings from the beginning of time, involves compassionate care for and not just a free pass for mass consumption of animals.

someone asked me over the weekend if it was something i merely prefer to do, or if it was a conviction for me. i believe its both. it has definitely been like a hobby, in a sense. but the more i think on it, the more it does some like something other than myself is compelling me to do this. i don’t expect all people to understand me… but when you do feel understood, it does something to your soul. it seems like i’ve had to give an account for my vegetarianism a lot more recently and the responses i get are so varied… and its always nice to meet people who get it in their own way- even if they don’t share my conviction for not eating meat.

* posted an article written by a non-vegetarian on animal rights, which was an interesting read as well.


One Response to “continued thoughts on not eating meat”

  1. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    i have *officially decided as of last Wednesday to return to my lacto-ovo-only ways, with the hopes of eventually even eliminating the “lacto-ovo” part, if i can plan to get enough protein.

    and i quickly feel sentimental about our conversations from earlier this fall.

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