more on Union

February 7, 2008
these are the main housing complexes on campus.
you can see some of the guys’ dorms [Watters] in the northwest corner
of the image. the 8 girls’ dorms [Hurt] are to the south and east. if you start counting from the very top girl’s dorm, i lived in #1 [Blythe], #3 [Eaton], and #8 [Patton].

i can’t even look at pictures anymore without getting chills and tearing up. my heart is so heavy. so much of who i am today is because of my experience at union and even though i’ve expressed my bitterness regarding certain aspects of college life there, i do cherish the time i spent there. its hard to think that most of the campus community is destroyed. i can’t imagine what it will be like when i see it in person. i remember when the storms came in ’02, we all curiously looked outside to see what was happening, even as it hit. there is no way 1200+ students on campus were following all the rules when the storm hit. but, somehow everyone is safe and i just can’t get over it. i don’t think anyone will ever get over it.


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