January 29, 2008

i decided to play a mixed cd at work today that i made for a trip i took to chicago back in october. ironically its full of songs by band of horses… who will be playing in nashville tonight.

so, every few minutes or so i am reminded of the fact that i WONT be seeing them tonight at exit/in because i was stupid enough to assume it wouldn’t sell out. lame.

join me in mourning, will you?

4 Responses to “BoH”

  1. Nathan Says:

    I like those guys. I got a friend that does photography up in Seattle who knew one of them when one of the band members bartended.

    Best show I’ve seen recently was Ryan Adams. Very good!


  2. andy Says:

    • i made the same mistake in Dallas. argh.

    • i did enjoy the video, though, as consolation.

    • i got your email earlier this week, and you have been a part of my prayers. so you know.

    • i am INFP. where’d you find that nifty little gadget, to display yours, though?

  3. alice Says:

    Hey Lacey. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m reading this thing.
    Sorry you missed the show.
    I am an ENFP too… 🙂

  4. Toria Says:

    Hey Lace! Kyle and I are going to be in Nashville tomorrow night and Thursday during the day Maybe we can see you.

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