Crema: 1/28

January 22, 2008

Come visit us on Monday! Here is some info taken from the website:

It’s time. Put down the slightly-warmed coffee-O-matic sludge. Wake up! You weren’t meant to be automated, neither was coffee. Discover your passion again. Begin at Crema.

“Crema” is the mark of excellence in the finest espresso. When a shot of espresso is properly created, its rich foam topping is the “crema.” The dream of local Nashvillian and young Italian Rachel, it is an original experience that is the “crema,’ the evidence of an excellent heritage fused with passion for fine coffee. Crema opens January 28, 2008 in the Rutledge Hill district of downtown Nashville, TN (directions).

A portion of all sales on January 28 will be donated to Safe Haven.

Hours are 7AM – 7PM, Monday – Saturday.

Some fun facts for you about the shop:

-A right thing to do is support your local Habitat for Humanity store. We did. Every door in our space is from Habitat. And as many building materials as possible were purchased from the local Habitat for Humanity store.

– It’s hard work and expensive to use green materials. So we discovered. But not impossible, even on a small budget we’ve found it possible to think differently. Our counter top is renewable bamboo, we used recycled lumber for the bar structure, and best of all, with every light blazing (22 compact fluorescent bulbs) our total light wattage use is only 250 watts!

We also will be recycling as much as possible, so make sure when you come you use the appropriate trash cans in order to help us minimize waste. Your cups, stir sticks, sleeves, and so much more can be recycled!

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