pretend that you have the strength of victorious men

January 14, 2008

feeling overwhelmed.

but in an oh-so-good kinda way.

training/education began over the weekend with a trip to our local roaster’s place. he roasted coffee on the spot for us and we were able to take some fresh coffee home for ourselves, compliments of drew. he spent most of the time talking to us about the process of picking, washing, and roasting. it wasn’t overwhelming at all, but definitely a lot to take in. yesterday we did more basic education on coffee and espresso and… there is a lot i need to know. i bought index cards so i can make notes and study [in typical lacey fashion for anyone who knows me from college] and try to absorb as much information as possible as things get rolling in the next week or so. my excitement is mixed with hesitation because, as usual, the tendency towards self-doubt is tempting. however, the challenge of it makes it all the more exciting and i look forward to taking the barista exam once i get a bit of training done.

i am glad i have a perfectionistic streak, because it will help me pay attention to detail [which there is lots of]. we have a really awesome La Marzocco machine (!) that times our shots, so i will always know if i am doing something right or wrong [and believe me, you can easily mess up a shot and i will explain this later]. from what i can tell so far, the coffee and lattes are amazing. even if i hadn’t been hired, i would be raving about this place because there is nothing like it in nashville… and i already feel a sense of pride in being a part of the team.

that’s a brief update on the job. its the outlet i’ve needed and with getting back into my exercise routine, i feel like the fog is lifting a bit. i am not sure what will come of all the recent changes around here, but i am learning to let go… which is hard and freeing and scary all at once. i feel like i’ve put a lot of searching to rest, which is also good [i think]. there is a lot i don’t know. instead of allowing these things to put walls up, i feel at peace with my questions and am tired of the demands i’ve placed on myself and others to have the right answers [whatever that means]… a lesson learned a little late, but… that’s life. i will pick things back up again at various times along the way, but the pressure won’t be the same, and i am happy about that.

right now the only other pressing thing is determining who i will vote for in the primaries. i know a lot of you may not think its that big of a deal, but i happen to care for some reason or another. its really important to me that i don’t make a reactionary decision based on the current administration. i want to understand my values and how they may or may not be compromised based on the candidate i vote for. the question of WWJD is pretty prevalent in my mind, but this poses a whole other set of issues, because Jesus wasn’t really about promoting earthly kingdoms. anyways. i know the whole system is pretty broken, but i am spending a lot of my free time studying up on issues [and coffee] for the time being. maybe a post to come will deal more with this, but i’d like to wait until i can better articulate my POV.

grace and peace.

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