January 7, 2008

just a few of the things that have gone through my mind already today:

1. it’s really creepy to be stared at… especially when you are in close proximity to the guy and can’t help but make eye contact back. and its even more creepy when they don’t stop and they have a ring on their left hand.

2. why do i bother reading local news stories from across the country on it’s easily enough to make one think the human condition isn’t redeemable [but it is, i know it is.]

3. i really like Obama’s charisma. i keep hearing about the style vs. substance debate, but i don’t know, i’m definitely intrigued. [and let’s be honest, does anyone care who chuck norris is endorsing?]

4. i am a really selfish person. my new living situation is making me aware of this, among other things.

5. communication is harder than i’d like to admit. see #5

6. i can’t wait for my new cookbook to arrive so i can stop spending so much money on eating out.

7. why are IKEA and Urban Outfitters so far away?

8. i’d probably finish a book if i wasn’t trying to read 3 at a time.

9. even though telemarketers can try my patience, i really think its important to be nice and hear them out, even if you end up telling them “i’m sorry, i’m really not interested” several times. 🙂

10. having my own place has brought out the clean freak in me that i never knew existed. its awesome.


6 Responses to “monday”

  1. ginger Says:

    dallas=urban X 5 and ikea… plus every other store you could ever think of.


  2. Lacey Says:

    dallas… i wish it were as close as atlanta is, but even atlanta is kinda far away.

    i want to come see you whenever you move! 🙂

  3. Victor Says:

    The Know-It-All is on my list, as is his new book. Is it worth reading?

  4. Lacey Says:

    victor- his new one was really good. i enjoyed the read because it felt like i was going on the journey with him and there were many laugh-out-loud moments and even profound moments as well.

    I have only read excerpts from The Know-It-All so far and it has the same feel. He is just really hilarious.

    i’ve decided to finish the Boyd book first and then get into that one, so i will let you know more later!

  5. ginger Says:

    looks like the big move will be happening around the end of february… i’ll keep you updated and would LOVE for you to come visit!

  6. alice Says:

    Heya Lacey. I have just enjoyed reading the past 5 or six posts you’ve left here. It’s good to read about your life. I am working at Starbucks and loving it, and (gasp) still working as a Nanny during the week.
    I can relate with the realizations of selfishness. I can’t relate with missing IKEA and Urban Out…because I don’t have any money/don’t need to spend my money…but DANG those stores are fun to look at.

    I’m going to have to visit you at your coffee shop. It looks yummy. I would also love to see a Lacey decorated apartment.

    You are cute. I like to know what’s going on in your life 🙂 .

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