too, too cold.

January 3, 2008

the living room in my new place refuses to get warm. the thermostat has seemed a bit confused, not really ever setting to the degree i pick so i finally investigated this last night and found the culprit to be one of the windows in the living room. apparently there is something not right about it… i really wish i was more “handy” but this is definitely not the case. all i know is, i can sort of see [and feel] the outside through some gaps where the screen should be fitting, and it refused to stay in place. i messed with the air vents in all the rooms too, and to be honest, i kind of can’t tell if i shut OR opened them. awesome. i hate to bother our landlord, but i decided on my way to work its just too cold outside to ignore whatever is going on.

so… i get to work, hoping to warm up with coffee and my space heater. i come inside and notice there are lots of guys roaming around the halls from a local electric company but thought nothing of it… other than wondering if maybe they would come to my apartment and fix my window for me. i come in my office and start the process of turning everything on and realize its awfully cold in here, even with my huge puffy jacket that got me through vancouver very nicely. i go check the thermostat. it says 56 degrees and is definitely set for 70.

i didn’t dress incredibly warmly today because i have a space heater. however, because i love my boss and her clients, i am sacrificing my comfort and have moved the heater to a more centrally located spot.

is it complaining if i say i can’t feel my hands as i type? šŸ™‚

even though i am freezing, i still think i prefer the events of today to the month of august with 3-digit heat and no AC in my car.


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