taking chances, buying couches

December 27, 2007

today i am two steps closer to… i am not sure, exactly. but progress is nice.

i interviewed at the coffee shop and am very optimistic… hesitantly so, but hopeful nonetheless. i am pretty good at selling myself [what?] and, i have no reason to be negative yet so i am crossing my fingers. i will know within the week and then provide more details.

…and if that goes well, another job search will most likely ensue. actually, either way i think this is the plan.

i also bought a couch. i found a steal on craigslist and the poor girl was quite patient as indecisive, non-committal me stood silently in her living room going back and forth in my mind about the purchase.

what if something better shows up on craiglist tomorrow?
what even matches sage?
what if i get it in the living room and it doesn’t look right?
what if i have buyer’s remorse?

story of my life. really. i hesitantly asked her to lower the price [i am not good at this kind of thing at all]. she said no. i stalled longer, as i debated in my mind whether i was about to make a terrible decision [and thought to myself in so many words: its a couch for goodness’ sake, stop being so annoying]. to my surprise, she shaved a few bucks off the price and with no further thought i said yes.

its exciting really… to pay for things and have belongings. i kind of like it. i don’t really want to have a lot of stuff, because i know how i am… i constantly live in the future of possibility. nashville is home, for the moment, and i need to embrace that [especially if the job works out, not to mention the 12 month lease i just signed]. and… there is a part of me that enjoys the creative process of making a space my own and i am feeling more and more domesticated every day. [i am planning a trip to the atlanta ikea in january!]

the weekend will include more painting [almost done], hunting for boxes, packing, finding someone to get my couch, hopefully seeing this, and making plans for new years.

…and hunting for more apartment goodies. if you have anything you want to get rid of, i know two girls who are probably interested 🙂


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