merry times

December 25, 2007

i got to see my nephew tonight… it had been a long time. i forgot how much i love this kid, even though he refuses to take quality pictures. 🙂 i resorted to protest shots with his toys, as you can tell. i also was sternly corrected by him [remember, he is 20 months old], when i called him a little punk. he looked me in the eye, with a wrinkled forehead and a frown, and said “ey, i no punk.” this was his first sentence to me, ever. i couldn’t decide if i felt bad for what i said or if i thought his response made it worth it. i think it was a mixture of the two. 🙂

anyways, merry christmas from my family (punk included) to you and yours!


One Response to “merry times”

  1. Toria Says:

    Yah! You got to see Brock. I know your family was thrilled. 🙂

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