what to do. what to do.

December 21, 2007

i am tired of answering phones.
but the money here is good.

i want to be a barista again.
but the money won’t be as good.

when did i ever base decisions on money?

insurance. rent. deposits. realism can’t be scoffed at forever. it is what it is. i am almost 24. i have to pay for things somehow, but i hate to let money keep me from pursuing dreams. its the exact type of coffee shop i’ve hoped would come to nashville. otherwise i may start dreaming of packing my bags. again.

what to do… what to do…

there are several options i am toying with if i get the job. [i interview next week.]

taking another part-time job. [tutoring, flower shop, donating plasma, who knows.]
splitting my time between my current job and the new one, meaning i’d take on around 45/50 hours.
nannying on the side. [hell has frozen over.]
attempting to live off of a very meager salary until i get promoted. [because i want to get into management eventually if it all works out.]

i miss NOT having structure.
i miss being on my feet. [am i really saying this?]
i miss the bustle of people coming in and out, day after day, and the challenge of trying to remember names and stories.
i miss the joy of perfecting a cappucino [wet or dry].
i miss being a part of a team.

any food for thought? [does anyone even read this anymore?]


2 Responses to “what to do. what to do.”

  1. Victor Says:

    Earlier this year I left a job that paid 4 times as much as I’m making right now. I just couldn’t do it anymore even though it was paying well. I was losing my soul. The job I’m at now isn’t my dream job, but I can at least say that I like it. One click at a time, I guess.

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    i still read. 😉

    merry christmas lace

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