what to do. what to do.

December 21, 2007

i am tired of answering phones.
but the money here is good.

i want to be a barista again.
but the money won’t be as good.

when did i ever base decisions on money?

insurance. rent. deposits. realism can’t be scoffed at forever. it is what it is. i am almost 24. i have to pay for things somehow, but i hate to let money keep me from pursuing dreams. its the exact type of coffee shop i’ve hoped would come to nashville. otherwise i may start dreaming of packing my bags. again.

what to do… what to do…

there are several options i am toying with if i get the job. [i interview next week.]

taking another part-time job. [tutoring, flower shop, donating plasma, who knows.]
splitting my time between my current job and the new one, meaning i’d take on around 45/50 hours.
nannying on the side. [hell has frozen over.]
attempting to live off of a very meager salary until i get promoted. [because i want to get into management eventually if it all works out.]

i miss NOT having structure.
i miss being on my feet. [am i really saying this?]
i miss the bustle of people coming in and out, day after day, and the challenge of trying to remember names and stories.
i miss the joy of perfecting a cappucino [wet or dry].
i miss being a part of a team.

any food for thought? [does anyone even read this anymore?]


3 Responses to “what to do. what to do.”

  1. Victor Says:

    Earlier this year I left a job that paid 4 times as much as I’m making right now. I just couldn’t do it anymore even though it was paying well. I was losing my soul. The job I’m at now isn’t my dream job, but I can at least say that I like it. One click at a time, I guess.

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    i still read. 😉

    merry christmas lace

  3. Isaac Bubna Says:


    As someone who was once a barista then quit to be a pastor then quit that to be a barista again, this would be my advice:

    Be a barista till you decide what you would love doing the rest of your life, because working somewhere you hate will do damage to you, but working as a barista will only dry your hands out in the winter (but I found this cream called “Working Hands” that does wonders for my dry hands).

    Since being a barista what I found is I love interacting with people all day and I love learning, so for now I’m going to be a barista and go to school full time to finish my B.A. and then hopefully get my Masters. And maybe someday my two passions (interacting with people and learning) will turn into a teaching job somewhere. Who knows!

    But don’t work somewhere that you hate, there are far to many options in life to be somewhere you hate.

    – Isaac

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