December 17, 2007

Not New Year’s goals, mind you. I never make those.

Resolutions for this week, rather.

Eat. For the past several days, food has lost its appeal [though i still seem to find myself eating sweets that our clients bring to us]. As the lunch hour approaches along with a good friend who has invited me to lunch with him, I am crossing my fingers that soup will sound [and taste] good… and that the red & green m&ms at the desk will stop tasting good.

Buy. I am such a Christmas shopping procrastinator. At least I know what I am getting.

Go. To the gym. Yes. This must happen.

Read. This book is amazing, so far. Really, I could quote pages to you.

Purge. Moving always proves to show me how much I still need to get rid of, even when I thought I’d thrown most everything out the last time around.

Collect. My new roommate and I have no furniture. I need to spend a lot of my free time reversing this problem.

I am sure there are more, but I think this is a good start.



One Response to “resolutions.”

  1. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    it would be good for me to develop an eat-during-the-day habit, but i haven’t had one of those since the Spring.

    i am usually a procrastinator among procrastinators when it comes to gift shopping. even though, like you, i always know what i want. in fact, i feel i always have the perfect ideas, until – like last year – time comes to open the gifts and i haven’t a thing for anyone. for the last two years i have handed out my gifts sporadically throughout the week following Christmas. it is a sort of awful, but i’ve even tied it back to church history by appealing to the connection between Christmass and Epiphany (and that celebration that is supposed to occur among Christians during that time).

    mmm. i need a good teef-brushing.
    have a nice day, ms. h.

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