comebacks, yo.

October 4, 2007

The decision to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian has continued to provide me with interesting challenges. One of the biggest so far is attempting to make this as holistic as possible without becoming too ascetic… as a friend so eloquently put it. Sometimes people ask me questions that I am still learning how to answer. In the mean time, I borrow a comeback that I resonate with as I continue to explore the “why?” of my decision, which I hope to post about soon.

Them: If we didn’t eat animals, how would we feed all of the hungry people in the world?

Dan Piraro: Enough plants and water to feed more than a dozen people is fed to livestock to produce a single meal for a meat-eating human. I’m no mathmatician, but I’m guessing if we weren’t breeding and feeding the 55 billion farm animals, we’d solve the hunger crisis in approximately four-and-a-half minutes. Not to mention that animal agriculture accounts for the majority of water and soil degradation, contributes to more global warming than all transportation combined, and is responsible for virtually all the rain forest destruction on the planet. Farmed animals in the U.S. alone create 86,000 pounds of excrement per second, and none of it goes through sewage treatment plants. The damage that commercial fishing has done to the oceans cannot even be accurately measured because it is hidden from view, but experts estimate that between 40 and 70 percent of ocean life has been eliminated by commercial fishing in the last 100 years, and as many as 90% of large fish are gone, probably forever. *

*taken from VegNews, “C’Mon, Get Snappy.” Sept/Oct 2007, p 79.


2 Responses to “comebacks, yo.”

  1. ginger Says:

    the title of this post made me laugh… did you make it to chi-town?!?

  2. Matt Says:

    But obviously the average well informed meat eater would have just as good a comeback to that aswell. The main reason being the even now with all the meat produced we could feed to world without an issue with plenty left or tomorrow.

    BTW umans have canine teeth for a reason. But not that I’m trying to change your mind at all…I have no issue with Veggies just that they seem to think they have and are a better group of people becuase they don’t eat meat – which is wrong, as well all are equal.

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