September 28, 2007

i was going through my reader tonight and noticed this over at john chandler’s site.

my beverage of choice this evening, as i sit and use the internet at starbucks, reading john’s blog:

ethos water.

techincally my purchase is helping children. (does 5 cents per bottle really qualify as helping? i am not so sure, but i do like ethos water) after skimming this article (i’m wiped out and will be reading it in its entirety tomorrow) i’m not sure i am really helping much of anything. i have weird water issues… i hate drinking water out of a glass. i know, i am really strange, but its true. however the point is, i really need to invest in a water purifier for my apartment and get over my fear of water not being in a bottle. committing to recycle any plastic that i purchase has made me feel somewhat better about buying bottles of water, and i have stopped buying them in mass quantities… but i don’t know. now i am a bit more conflicted.

and that is all i have to say tonight.


One Response to “irony”

  1. Liz J Says:

    I agree…I had water out of the glass as well….the part about the Fiji water got me considering I love it, but no longer will I be drinking it. Why cant these industries help the people of Fiji? I loved that article

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