i am a grown-up… i think.

September 10, 2007

its 11:30 pm.

i am in bed.

this is the earliest i have actually been IN my bed in, oh, 10 days. it wasn’t so long ago i could crack the books all night studying for an exam or writing that next exegetical paper, sneak onto campus at 3am from a certain someone’s apartment like it was nothing , go exploring under-the-city sewers in jackson in the middle of the night, drive to and from nashville in the dark after a late evening of concert-going.

how in the heck did i do this all the time in college and actually get any work done?

due to random events over the past week i have been thrust back into the world of sleep deprivation and a complete lack of any routine. spontaneity has been fun, but my productivity at work has been lacking and my desire to go run 4 miles or head to the ymca has, well, been replaced with a desire to add as much time to the alarm clock as possible before waking. i had no idea how much of a routine i had gotten into over the past few months until recently.

i tried to go to bed last night. honest. i was completely awake at midnight. then there was the weird unknown group of songs on my ipod that i had to remove one-by-one. then it was journaling. then it was tossing and turning because ,while it was late, like 1:30 or so, it wasn’t yet the more acceptable time of which i had grown accustomed to [3:00am]. so, i was forced to suffer until a more routinized time came. and it did. finally i think i passed out at like 3:30.

so here i am tucked in and anticipating sleep to come soon. i ran today and am forcing myself to go to the ymca before work. its almost midnight and i actually think i will log almost 7 hours tonight instead of 4.

seriously. how did i ever manage on less? i really can’t believe it.


2 Responses to “i am a grown-up… i think.”

  1. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    that first paragraph sounds awfully familiar.

    after i graduated, i began attempting to be in bed by 10 pm, conceding that i was an adult and could no longer treat myself like anything less. i never met that goal with any sort of consistency, though for a while i was able to pull off pre-midnight sleep.

    then came this summer, which saw 90% of my ‘evenings’ end at 3 am or later. earlier. when-ever or what-ever it was.

    as is the case, had one of those last night, so i’m not thinking too clearly. too, it doesn’t help that i’m borrowing into nostalgia by listening to some crappy screamo music i liked in high school.

    i assume this is technically too lengthy to be considered a comment. thanks for lettin’ it sliide.

  2. Toria Says:

    Exploring Jackson sewers – oh the good ole days! I am completely the opposite. I go to bed before 10:00 sometimes. 🙂 But I do have to be at work early too. I hope you are having a good week. Love you bunches.

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