vanity fair

June 15, 2007

recently i have had a desire to start writing in this space again. it’s different this time. i started my journey of blogging while on an amazing adventure in Vancouver and while it seemed like a good thing, a lot started changing in my journey and i soon felt like i could no longer articulate my thoughts. not that i have anything to prove to anyone, but i guess i just wasn’t sure how i felt about my ideas and questions being so easily available to whoever stumbled upon my site. (don’t lie to yourself, you know you randomly google people you know… and by you of course i am talking to myself.)

as i sit here in my newly married friends’ apartment, filled with presents and drying flower bouquets (they are still away on their honeymoon and i am watching their cats), i find myself feeling entirely too vulnerable… yet with no audience but 2 sweet kittens who, quite frankly, cannot help me answer life’s big questions.

i bought a magazine today that Bono co-edited. It’s the new Vanity Fair and its entire contents center around Africa. Trendy? Perhaps. Disgusting advertisements? Naturally. But I have never wanted to be there more so I shelled out the $4.50 for it.

I haven’t finished it yet, but I was moved by Brad Pitt’s interview with Desmond Tutu. Here is a bit of a quote from Tutu that struck me:

“A person is a person only through other persons. You can’t be human in isolation. You are human only in relationships… no human being is totally self-sufficient.In fact, a self-sufficient human being is sub-human.”

If we all realized this, I wonder how we would begin to treat the other. That because we are never to be completely isolated there is no one who is a stranger… that people would actually become neighbors. I fall so short of doing this daily, but I do believe I am understanding this way of seeing people more clearly now.

I asked one of the ladies I now work with if it would be okay to spend my [hypothetical] honeymoon working at an orphanage or clinic in Africa. She laughed and said maybe at a different point in my [hypothetical] marriage. I told her I was joking. But only a little.


3 Responses to “vanity fair”

  1. Victor Says:

    I’ve recently been learning that that’s true – we’re only human as we relate with others.

    Good to see you back in the blogging world.

  2. Isaac Says:


    Wonderful thoughts. Nice to see you blogging again.

    Isaac Bubna

  3. Andrew Shepherd Says:

    you know,
    i have considered Regent
    from time to time.

    i’ve been trying to drive without AC to and from work for a few reasons, and it is nottt pleasant [and yes, i imagine it to be something like eternal separation]

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