time to wander

May 10, 2007

so i have terribly neglected this place.

not sure what will happen here. i think blogging goes in slumps for people and perhaps i have entered my own.

currently i am settling into nashville with a new job and, as of this weekend, a new place to live downtown. this site will probably be vacated for a while… it just seems like the right time to focus on other things.

thanks to everyone who has kept up with my journey to vancouver and back. šŸ™‚

bye for now.


2 Responses to “time to wander”

  1. beth holladay Says:

    thanks for the little comment! in response, no we live in just the first floor of the big house as pictured. it is lovely to live in the oldest part of the city. hope you are well.

  2. Victor Says:

    I wish to play the Joel Osteen board game now.

    My journey is changing, hopefully. It has definitely changed geographically – I moved across the country on May 1st. I’m ready for a whole new life. I started to chronicle my adventures (http://mayigetaway.wordpress.com) but there was way too many journal entries to copy so I’m internalizing it all until, well, tomorrow, when I leave the mountains and join society again in a new place. It’s so exciting. I’ll probably keep blogging (at one of my three blogs anway) – you should too. We’d all like to hear what’s going on in Tennessee with you.

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