farewell for a while.

February 21, 2007

tonight at church we discussed lent. i do hope that many people from our community will participate in some type of lenten discipline. not because i think there is something magical about it, but just because i think we all need to stop some times and remember. like the israelites who were leaving bondage and heading towards the promised land, we forget. stop trusting. start rebelling. for a while now, i have been in a weird space. there are a few things i am putting aside this season in order to become more reliant on someone outside of myself (who ironically says he is within me). i need to know discomfort. awareness. discipline… among other things.

so… i am saying goodbye to the internet, aside from basic e-mail capability and occasional pertinent research. those who need to get in touch with me can still do so via e-mail or my many phone options. i will be reading a lot more. (i bought The Brothers Karamazov today, i am that resolved!. journaling a lot more. spending time with people a lot more. talking on the phone a lot more. praying a lot more. its a good thing.

i am saying goodbye to sugar. this is going to be hard for me. i have battled food issues for a long time (honestly, what girl hasn’t) and as a person who sort of has a slight addiction to sweets, i need to see that i can do without them and the “comfort” they provide.

for those of you interested in the season of lent, mars hill has great resources available here. i will be following along with them for my own lent journey. ruth hailey barton, a spiritual director and teacher, also sent out a great e-mail from the transforming center to subscribers regarding lent that i will be forwarding to some of you, as no link is available.

blessings to you all as we all look forward to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior šŸ™‚ i think this year it will be significantly different for me and i look forward to entering into this time more intentionally than ever before. (easy to say now as i am still typing on my blog and eating candy. ha.)

i leave you with these thoughts on Lent that i cannot say better myself, taken from Ruth Hailey Barton on Lent:

“in a very intentional way we invite God to search us and know us and to (eventually) lead us into resurrection life… facing our sin in the shadow of Christ’s cross and impeding resurrection is the healthiest way to deal with our sin. the disciples of fasting and other kinds of abstinence help us to face the hold our sin patterns have on us and to somehow let go. i don’t want to just give up chocolate because i like chocolate and God is the curmudgeon in the sky who wants to keep it from me. i want to enter into lenten disciplines that correspond to the places in my life that cry out for deeper levels of transformation. the dynamics of lent have to do with abstaining from the ways we normally distract ourselves from spiritual reality- the reality of our sin and the deeply patterned behaviors that keep us from our calling to follow Christ. it has to do with allowing some of the external trappings of our lives to be stripped awayso that we can find our true idenity and calling in God once again. it has to do with acknowledging the subtle temptations to which we are prone rather than pretending we are beyond temptation. it has to do with facing the spiritual reality of the battle that satan is waging for our souls… we fast from what is material and temporal so that the inner person can be filled with the power of the Spirit.”

see you guys in april. šŸ™‚

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