drowning on dry land

February 16, 2007

i’m in a blogging slump. i don’t really mind it though. i’m working more, beginning my training for some big runs, and also trying to get to bed earlier. that said, i haven’t spent as much time in front of my laptop recently. come ash wednesday you will see me taking a haitus from here for quite a while, as i am giving up a couple things for lent this year, one of which being spending time on-line. i will still check my e-mail and use the internet for church-related things, but no AIM, no blogging/reading blogs, no viewing of the latest grey’s anatomy episode’s music, no facebook (which i suspended in lieu of lent), etc… i am quite excited to do this actually. i think it will be a great time in my life and have several plans for the lent season.

but… back to grey’s. (if you haven’t seen it there is a slight spoiler to follow) i won’t lie. i am hopelessly addicted. ever since the fall of ’05 when i was sick one day at school, i ventured outside my dorm to a local blockbuster. no movie proved worthy of renting so i wandered to the t.v. section and thought “hmmm, didn’t grey’s anatomy win some award?” being one who appreciates such things, i decided to rent it… after watching the first season in 2 days (sick, i know) i was hooked. i got all caught up and now its the middle of the 3rd season and tonight was intense. i’m still not over it. in fact, i even looked up hypothermia afterwards on wikipedia to see what could possibly be happening to meredith. i don’t care if you think i’m lame. besides, most of you were probably watching it and wondering the same thing as well. (p.s. derek is officially my hero. patrick dempsey is a great actor.)

nothing else to say at this point. the show totally put me in a solemn mood. a few recent events: i am reading a great book right now. it makes me want to go visit a synagogue. ordered rob bell’s latest. my nose ring fell out. (strangely, i don’t mind. this is the second time, so i’m thinking its a sign). my managers at starbucks want to promote me to a shift supervisor position soon which is quite cool, i think. 🙂 i downloaded the new bloc party cd. it’s pretty great. really good running music. anxiously awaiting the new ones by maria taylor, rosie thomas, and arcade fire.

ttfn- tata for now.

3 Responses to “drowning on dry land”

  1. Erin Says:

    I too am hooked on Grey’s. I’ve tried to stop, but I keep getting sucked in by the promos. Last night had me in tears by the end because it was so intense. I know they’re not going to let Meredith die (right?), but it seems like she was under the water an awfully long time to come out of this the same as she was. I’ll be curious to see how it’s handled.

  2. Hilary Says:

    Thanks for the update. I feel a little caught up on your life now. 🙂

  3. Toria Says:

    Lace! Congrats on your possible promotion! That’s great. Love you. See you in a month. 🙂

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