can i take your, um, order?

February 3, 2007

so its friday night. its almost 11 p.m. and i just got home since leaving after 8 this morning.

today was composed of babysitting for the majority of the day, transitting to work, and then working til 10 tonight. crazy.

now i know that being around people energizes me instead of exhausts me. i am wired and sitting here with a bowl of smart popcorn and Edward Norton on my t.v. staring strangely into the distance because i paused the movie.

starbucks is great. every day i am training something awesome happens. tonight i got to try the scary drive thru headset out and do the drive thru customers. way weird at first. totally got flustered (the backstreet boy headset kinda freaked me out) and this resulted in many awkward exchanges with customers via the intercom. nice.

i also brewed a lot of coffee, something i am feeling like i have a good handle on. except tonight i brewed one batch onto the counter tops instead. i am talking a LOT of coffee, sort of river-esque. you see, i heard this pouring sound as i was doing other things and was like what IS that? and as i noticed the ridiculous amount of brown liquid that had taken over the coffee brewing area i stood there in shock. it hit me finally to do something about it and i realized i had not locked the machine in place so it was pouring EVERYWHERE and had been for like 3 minutes. 20 coffee-soaked towels later and a fresh brew going (locked and loaded) it was all over. everyone made me feel better because apparently i am not the only one this has happened to. good.

now i am home, about to watch a movie and feeling pretty great about life. i just noticed some mocha sauce on my arm. ah, starbucks.

4 Responses to “can i take your, um, order?”

  1. Victor Says:

    Backstreet boys headset – nice.

    I don’t like coffee but I think working at Starbucks would be a swell thing. Some people find their souls there, right?

  2. urbanplanter Says:

    can you hold on to the illusionist i’d like to watch it Sunday afternoon! 🙂

    how about i pick you up from work on sunday…in exchange for the movie?

  3. Lacey Says:

    victor, yeah, some guy said that once. i kind of think he is on to something. 🙂

    kyle, sorry about the movie 😦

  4. Heather Lane Says:

    Lacey – this cracked me up!!! I’ve done the same thing before at my house – with the coffee spilling out everywhere. 🙂

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