ISB ’07: re: salvation

January 26, 2007

i’ve noticed notes all over the web but here begins my contribution. i will post notes from other talks over the next few days. this post includes the bulk of my notes from a session entitled: A few thoughts on God, Jesus, salvation, judgment, heaven, hell, who’s in, who’s out, and the end of the world as we know it.

Rob set out to show us “how to get saved” by only using the bible (over 25 passages) and asking lots and lots of questions. i left a few parts out and will probably add them to the end when i can make them more concise. so check back 🙂 i can also e-mail my notes to you if anyone would like to them. [note: its 20 pages]

_Often salvation is about going somewhere [heaven]
-is this the best we can do, offering someone life in the future?
-are we telling people to just manage the despair of today?
-is the spirituality that Jesus leads us into about being led out of here?
-does it not matter, then, who you are becoming today?

_In versus Out
-Whenever someone says only a select few go heaven, aren’t they typically
the ones
who consider themselves part of the “in group”?
-Do you believe in a God who would create billions of people only to watch them die?
-And what about these select few? they can’t even agree on what they believe/confess.

-How many fundamentalists do you know that become universalists at a child’s funeral?
-“Salvation is a free gift” check. “All you have to do is _____. “
Wait? What? Isn’t
doing/accepting an action?

Luke 7:1-10
A Roman soldier is told he has a faith that even Israel was without.

Luke 7:36-50
Notice that this women who received faith never asked for anything, heck, she didn’t even say anything to Jesus when he granted it to her.

John 11:25
belief is intricately linked with living

Matthew 9:1-8
the faith of a man’s friends saved him. salvation is linked to other people. [also see Mark 2, 1 Cor. 7:16]

Acts 9:1-ff
Paul is converted upon asking God who he was. Do you get saved, then, by asking the right questions? Some of our defining moments haven’t been when we have done or said anything. Its something we heard, It doesn’t fit in any category.

Luke 4:34,41
the demons believe. the religious teachers don’t.

So, how then does someone get saved/redeemed? Is it something that involves being, saying, believing, doing? As the bible shows, there are lots of answers.

_Destination versus Journey
-Scripture works from a journey perspective rather than a destination perspective.
-Arrival versus constant progression, journeying.
-It is possible to be born again/saved and indifferent. Jesus wants to save us from this.
-He wants to continue to save us.

-Moments of arrival come along the way [awakening, trust, faith, etc.]

-It involves considering your possessions…relationships with others…heartfelt prayers of repentance…acts of love.
-People come to Jesus/stumble into the Kingdom in all sorts of ways.

-Salvation is holistic/on-going in nature.
-Jesus wants to save all of us. From bitterness. debt. sin. fear.
crippling worry. addiction.
the myth of redemptive violence. your past.
anything that hinders the full shalom God
created for the entire world.

“Salvation is this ongoing way of life we enter from all sorts of different ways. God wants to save us from a heart that doesn’t care about what God cares about. Its about the inner-transformation of our hearts and in this we will start caring about the things that God cares about or something is seriously wrong with what salvation is.” _rob bell

-Jesus died for all sins and wants to put all of us back together.

_How to Live in Anticipation of the Age to Come [olam haba]
-Renewing all things [Jesus taught this_Matt. 19:28]
-Restoring all things [Peter taught this_Acts 3:21]
-Holding together all things [Paul taught this_Col. 1:15-17]

…personal salvation is not the extent of what the Cross is about. when you shrink it down to the individual, salvation become incomplete.

…being a christian is not about how to escape from this world but to live with the realization that God has taken up residence with us here. be ware of any form of spirituality that argues for escapism.

“I was not tasked the job to destroy all other religions. We invite people to trust Jesus wherever they are on their journey. I do know that Jesus has great warning for religious leaders on how they are in and everyone else is out. _rob bell

“My simple definition of salvation would be when one begins to live in conscious union with God. This of course grows and develops and Jesus makes it plain that this has to begin in our bodies, in human lives, in our experience in this world, now, and for that Jesus is surely necessary for salvation. It is not a formula or a mere affirmation but a change of identity. _richard rohr, everything belongs


3 Responses to “ISB ’07: re: salvation”

  1. urbanplanter Says:

    well done Lacey. very good notes, i resonate with all of that.

  2. Victor Says:

    Great notes. I love the view of salvation.

    p.s. I’ll answer your question on my xanga in the next few days.

  3. Jamie Says:


    I’ve posted a list on my blog of all people that I’ve come across blogging about the ISB conference.


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